Shieng Shung Machine Tool Company, Ltd (represents as SSMTCL thereafter) have specialised on manufacturing automatic soap production machine for more than 70 years. SSMTCL has diverse range of technologies and customer service in the machine production. In spite of long history on machine production, we keep our efforts on developing of new machine incorporated with cutting-edge technologies to fulfil the highly demanding of production improvement annually. Each new designed system will be evaluated thoroughly prior to be announced to the public and deliver to customer’s end. Therefore, each customised machine has been treated individually and built according to delicate CAD schemes with computer-assisted simulation of essential equipments using CAM system. As a result, we are capable of designing and producing machines based on the requirement from customer. In addition, we also devote to develop the machine with comfortable cabinet aiming for user friendly with the consideration of productivity and efficiency. Consequently, we have a soap factory on-site for evaluation of newly nesigned machine in practical usage and we are glad to invite you to visit our factory and obtain an idea on the real process of machine operation. Furthermore, we are also pleased if you can share your requirement, experiments, feedback and comments with us.


 During the past seventy decades, our company has offered our knowledge and products to build lots of soap factories all over the world, including Asia, European, Africa, and South America and so on. Among them, not only small OEM factory but also famous companies are our long-term customers, such as Unilevers, Colgate, Cammay, Dettol, L’Occtiane etc. Our soap industry aims to produce soap with high quality and efficiency with Company Profile the consideration of cutting the cost on the labor works.

 Our company provides different equipments to apply on variable requests on productivity. All could be categorized as following list:

  1. Production line for toilet soap
  2. Production line for laundry soap.
  3. Production line for syndet bar.
  4. Equipment for recycle of glycerol 

 Expect to open our cooperation in the foreseen future, hope to be one of your suppliers. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to hearing from you.

Company History since 1960